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The Summer Hikaru Died Manga Volume 1

The Summer Hikaru Died, Vol. 1

Rating is 0.0 out of five stars based on reviews

Rating: Teen (13+)

Story and Art by: Mokumokuren

Recommended for fans of: Boys Love, Horror, Mystery, Thriller, Supernatural, Drama

Read this if you're in the mood for: A dark and suspenseful exploration of complex relationships and emotional struggles


In a quaint village, lifelong best friends Yoshiki and Hikaru are inseparable, finding comfort in each other's company as the only children their age. But after an eventful summer, Yoshiki notices a peculiar change in Hikaru's demeanor.


The "Hikaru" he once knew is different now, despite appearances and memories remaining intact. When Yoshiki confronts him, an unsettling truth emerges—Hikaru has partially transformed into an otherworldly being, professing love while threatening his friend's life.


As Yoshiki grapples with grief, he can't let go of the cherished memories they shared. While their bond remains, a new connection forms with the transformed Hikaru. Meanwhile, the village is engulfed in mysterious chaos, leaving Yoshiki to navigate the enigmatic events unfolding around them.

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