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A Reincarnated Witch Spells Doom, Vol. 1

A Reincarnated Witch Spells Doom, Vol. 1

Rating is 0.0 out of five stars based on reviews

Rating: Teen (13+)

Story and Art by: Sora

Recommended for fans of: Fantasy, Reincarnation, Adventure, Isekai

Read this if you're in the mood for: An introspective isekai fantasy of self-discovery, magic, and the struggle to overcome one's fears


Sena Shirai, a reclusive teenager, often fantasizes about her school blowing up or the world coming to an end, to escape the idea of stepping outside. As her 18th birthday arrives, on an unexpected spur of the moment, she braves to leave her home. Tragically, her newfound courage is short-lived as she becomes the victim of a fatal traffic accident.

In her rebirth, Sena finds herself in a fantastical realm where half the population wields magic.


Surprisingly, she inherits the powers she once carelessly wished for — "Explode" and "Destroy." This revelation terrifies her, convincing her that she poses a threat to those around her. To mitigate this perceived risk, she spends most of her reincarnated life secluded with her mother in the Ludfalla Forest.


Despite her mother's passing, Sena continues her isolated life in the forest, gaining a reputation among the local villagers as a witch. On her second 18th birthday, she stumbles upon a weakened stranger, Keith, whom she nurses back to health. Keith inspires Sena to challenge her self-imposed limitations, even proposing they embark on a journey together.


Is it time for Sena to control her destiny, or is she doomed to mirror her desolate past?

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