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How to Read Your Manga Tarot Cards

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

This blog will show you how to do seven different spreads to read the manga tarot cards included in your Manga Date Box.

A tarot spread is a pattern in which you lay out your cards. Each pattern has its own meaning.

Whether you’re doing your reading for fun or spiritual guidance, how you interpret your tarot cards can reveal your true feelings and innermost thoughts!

Setting the Stage for Your Tarot Reading

  1. Light a candle to set the mood.

  2. Keep a journal or a piece of paper nearby to reflect on your reading.

  3. Hold the envelope with the tarot cards inside close to your heart.

  4. Think about what you'd like to reflect on. What your future holds? Your love life? Avoid yes/no questions.

  5. Take a deep breath

  6. Pull out the cards and spread them out face up according to the spread of your choice.

Choose one of the spreads below to structure your reading and learn about specific arcana and suits in the Manga Tarot Guidebook.

The Past, Present, & Future Spread

This spread offers an understanding of your current situation and is laid out in an upside-down "U" pattern.

The Self-Love Spread

The self-love spread will help you heal and grow with some TLC! It reveals:

  • What makes awesome

  • Why you should be proud of yourself

  • What you offer others

  • Self-sabotaging thoughts and actions to watch out for

  • Positive actions that will help you grow

The Relationship Spread

This spreads guides you through a current relationship. It can be romantic or platonic! It tells you the current status of your relationship and guides you toward making it the best it can be.

The Finding Love Spread

The love spread is about finding love! It provides insights into your past relationships, issues, and things you should work on.

The Horseshoe Spread

The horseshoe spread is excellent for finding guidance before making a significant decision. It reveals past and present circumstances that impact the decision, unexpected issues that may arise, the best course of action, and potential outcomes.

The General Present Spread

The general present spread reflects where you are right now in your love life, home life, career, and positive and negative things that need attention.

The General Future Spread

The general future spread sheds light on what may happen in the near future in your love life, career, health, and home life.


Which manga tarot card spread was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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